Reworking Twilight in Adobe Illustrator

Digital and analogue workflows

Creative computing, that’s the term I like to use when I’m working with pixels on a screen. I particularly like using Adobe Illustrator, an industry standard software package. Illustrator is an extremely powerful tool, it allows artists to create and manipulate artworks digitally using vectors. Vectors are computer-made images made up of points, lines, and curves. The picture above shows a series of artboards generated in Illustrator, they are the digital equivalent of pages in a sketchbook. It’s relatively easy to copy and paste items across boards and this can help you to develop ideas and create work quickly. In the above exercise, I began by placing a digitised version of a painting called Twilight on a board. I then carefully traced out the different shapes using a tool called the Pen tool. Once I had created my vector shapes I manipulate them. The subsequent boards show my experimentations, applying different strokes, fills and colours to the shapes. It’s relatively easy to move, resize, rotate and colour these elements and this gives you total flexibility, especially when working with layout and composition. Switching between an analogue and digital workflow is really beneficial to me as an artist, the creative possibilities seem almost endless. It can also be lots and lots of fun!

A digitally remastered artwork.

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