Phillip Jacobs is a professional artist and college lecturer based in Swansea, UK.

He studied Fine Art at the University of Wolverhampton, where a specialised in painting and printmaking. He went on to study for an MSc in Interactive Media at UWTSD (Swansea), developing a number of time-based, interactive artworks. 

His current work is concerned with the environment, he uses abstraction, in varying degrees, as a method and the landscape experience as a source. References can range from the geological and natural history of a place through to human activity and how this has left its mark on the landscape. The sublime and existential concerns also influence his ideas and these manifest themselves throughout his works. 

“The tension between abstraction and pictorial representation stimulates my creativity and fuels my imagination. A canvas can seem to have a life of its own and I am happy to let it take me in the direction it wants to go”.

Phillip has had a number of solo and group exhibitions throughout the country and has many works in private collections in the UK and USA. He currently has a studio at Elysium Gallery Studios, Orchard Street, Swansea.

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